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Ghost Kart Steering Wheel

Ghost Kart Steering Wheel

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Take command of your Ghost Kart with our meticulously designed Steering Wheel, combining comfort, durability, and a touch of class. The comfortable gripping surface ensures a pleasant driving experience, allowing you to maintain precise control on every turn.

The 3-spoke design isn't just lightweight; it's a testament to strength and durability. Engineered for optimal performance, this steering wheel guarantees reliability on the track, providing you with the confidence to push your Ghost Kart to its limits.

With a sleek and clean aesthetic, the outer grip surface in black contrasts elegantly with the silver center area and spokes. Elevate the look of your kart while enhancing your driving experience — the Ghost Kart Steering Wheel is the perfect fusion of style and substance. Dominate the track with a steering wheel that's as impressive as your driving skills.

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