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TGV Mini-Trike Seat

TGV Mini-Trike Seat

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Direct fit TGV Mini-Trike diamond stitched seat. Includes seat, base plate,Ā springs, and upgraded heavy-duty mounting hardware!

Treat your ass to luxury. You will feel like Sean "Puffy" Combs when you a perched in the race position on this little slice of heaven. You can ride for hours (just like your Momma) without fatigue due to the comfy pillowtop & suspension springs.

This is the same ultra high-end seating that we utilize on our "Platinum Edition" full builds. We are offering these for a limited time. Buy yours today before they are gone forever. Just like your dad when he went out for a pack of Camels & never came back. Not a good feeling...SO BUY NOW!!

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