Products We Love

  • Runleader Tach

    This is a badass tach/hour meter. It connect directly to your spark plug giving you real time information along with head temperature. We use these on all our machines and love them. Click the button for more info!

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  • Milwaukee Ratchet

    This is one of our most used tools in the shop! It's got long battery life and is tough as nails. Our favorite part about it is that it can be used as a conventional ratchet if you want to tighten bolts past the limit of the motor!

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  • Hand Lights

    These little lights are awesome. They're super handy around the shop, have a magnetic base, and are re-chargable. They halso have a few different modes and brightness levels which makes them super versatile.

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  • Milwaukee Die Grinder

    This thing is an absolute beast. We use it every day for cleaning metal and tubing around the shop for all our projects. There's about 3 of them floating around the shop and we love them!

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  • Miller Elite Helmet

    This is our go-to welding helmet. We've been using these for years and they work great. If you're looking to upgrade your welding game, this is it!!

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  • Stubby Ratchets

    These things are awesome for getting into tight spaces. There's multiple times during a build that we are using these little guys!!

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  • KLEIN Angle Gauge

    We use these things a lot in the shop and have multiple units because of how great and useful they are for fabricating and building mini powersports!

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